Todd Haberkorn is a Los Angeles based actor, director, and producer whose work ranges from film to anime to video games and beyond.

With over 200 credits spanning cartoons, commercials, audio books, video games, and film & TV, Mr. Haberkorn has worked with some of the industry’s best including Warner Bros., Sony, Gearbox, and Nintendo. He’s also collaborated with  top voice directors such as Andrea Romano and Colette Sunderman.  

Anime fans know Todd as the voice actor from many popular series such as Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Sailor Moon. Video game fans will undoubtedly recognize him from numerous titles including Dragon Ball Z game series, Dishonored 2, and Fire Emblem Heroes. 


And critics know Todd as well. He is a multi-Earphone Award Winner for Narration, a 2015 Audie Award finalist, and his performance as Mr. Spock in Star Trek Continues has contributed to the beloved fan series’ numerous awards and accolades. 

When not working on camera or as a voice actor, Todd runs The Habertat, a private voiceover recording studio in Los Angeles. The studio’s professional facilities and service make it a favorite for clients like Gearbox, Funimation Entertainment, Spinmaster, and others.


Though working on-screen and as a voice actor, and running a professional recording studio keeps him busy, Todd still makes time for public appearances at domestic and international conventions where he mingles with his Kornstars: tens of thousands of the coolest fans on the planet who follow him on his journey.


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*Unlocked is an anime streaming app currently available for iOS only. But an android version is coming soon! 

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